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4 Reasons To Replace Your Lock


There are a lot of good reasons to replace the locks in your home.

Your home’s locks are important because they play a central role in protecting your valuables. Locks can last for a very long time but for one reason or another, there will be a need for you to change them. There is a range of reasons to replace your home’s locks, from cosmetic to practical. Here are some of them.

New Tenants Moved In

Whether you are renting a property or renting yours to someone else, it’s important to make sure that you replace the locks when a new tenant moves in. This will ensure that only the current resident will have access to it. Too many people having keys to a residence poses a security risk, so you should replace the lock each time a new person moves in.

There’s Been A Break-In

If your home has been broken into recently, it’s a good idea to replace your lock. While this is obvious if your lock has been picked or broken, it’s also important to do even if your lock hasn’t been tampered with. This is because if you have a spare key in your home, the burglar could have taken it. This would give them access to your home at any time, so it’s best to just replace the lock.

Lost Your Keys

In the case that you lose your keys, you should replace your locks as soon as possible. Your keys may be in the hands of someone who you don’t want to access your home, which can completely take away your peace of mind. The thought of a stranger being able to enter your home whenever they want can be scary, so put your mind at ease by changing your lock.

Upgrade Your Locks

Over time you may notice that your locks aren’t visually appealing or just not as effective as they could be. You may want to invest in smart locks for your home, which could add a modern flair to your home and give you flexibility in your home security. Also, you could get a sturdier lock than the one you currently have. Consider adding a deadbolt to your home to boost your overall security.


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