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Why Deadbolts Are So Useful

Putting a deadbolt on your front door will help increase your home’s security.

Deadbolts are one of the most effective types of locks. These locks, which are typically used on external doors, are easy to use and hard to crack. But these are just a couple of the advantages of using a deadbolt. Here is some information about deadbolts and some reasons you should use them in your home.

How They Work

Steel is probably the best material to use for a deadbolt because not only is it strong and durable, but it is readily available.  Deadbolts are placed into a small hole in a door’s jamb and a metal striking plate holds the deadbolt in its place. This strike plate is joined to the door’s wood frame studs by screws, ensuring that it stays in place. Deadbolts only require one key to open, and from the inside of your home, you will have a twist lock which you can use to lock and unlock it. You can even reinforce your deadbolt or add a second deadbolt to your door, which can provide your home with added security. One way to reinforce a deadbolt is to lengthen the screws in its strike plate.  Combined with a standard pin-and-tumbler lock, a deadbolt adds an extra layer of security for your home.


Using a deadbolt makes your home harder to break into. Tactics like using a crowbar or a hammer to try to break into a door with a deadbolt will be ineffective. Also, deadbolts are resistant to lockpicking. If you have a deadbolt, and someone tries to break into your home, they will make a lot of noise trying to get in. This could be helpful because it could alert you or your neighbors that there is a potential break-in in progress.


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