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Holiday Home Security Tips

Holiday Season

Keep your home safe this holiday season with these tips!

The holiday season is a fun festive time for many people that provides a chance to reconnect with family and friends. There are usually gifts being exchanged and plenty of food to look forward too. However, potential intruders see the holidays differently than most people do. They see it as the perfect opportunity to break into homes and take people’s new valuables. Now that we’re in the holiday season, it’s important to make sure that your home is secure. Here are some home security strategies you can use.

Be Careful About Posting On Social Media

Chances are you’ll be traveling at some point this holiday season. Whether it’s to have dinner with family or friends or to take in a holiday light show, you will likely be away from your home at some point. It’s important to remember not to publicly display that you’re not at home. You may think that you’re simply showing off a great picture, you may be signaling to potential burglars that you’re not at home and that your valuables are unguarded.

Check Your Doors & Windows

Before embarking on a trip to see your loved ones, you should check to see if your doors and windows are secure. These are entry points that people can use to enter your home, so make sure they’re fit to protect it. This includes making sure they are locked. Many people think that all break-ins are the result of an intruder picking a lock or breaking a window. However, a lot of burglaries are the result of a homeowner leaving a door or window unlocked.

Use Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is useful throughout the year, but it’s especially valuable during the holiday season. You could use a smart doorbell to check to see who is out your door or whether your packages have been delivered. You could also play music with this technology when you’re not home, to trick potential thieves into believing someone is at home.



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