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5 Steps Homeowners Should Take to Boost Home Security

Home security is homeowners’ top priority.

To homeowners, homes have not only monetary value, but sentimental value as well. Homes are places where family memories are made and valuable possessions stored. They are often the places where people feel the safest.  Because of this, protecting one’s home is at the top of a homeowner’s priority list. Home security is multifaceted and there are many strategies people can use to ensure their homes are safe. Here are some steps homeowners can take to make their homes more secure.

Install Smart Locks

Homeowners can invest in a smart lock, which allows them the convenience of locking their homes using their smartphones. These smart lock systems give users the power to secure their homes, even if they’re somewhere else. They eliminate the possibility of house keys being lost or stolen and make managing who has access to a person’s home simpler. The convenience and versatility of smart lock access via smartphones provide homeowners with peace of mind.

Buy a Home Safe

Home safes have several functions, including storing documents and protecting valuables from fire. In the case of a home invasion, having a safe may protect a person’s belongings from being stolen. We offer various safe solutions, including a large selection of fire proof home safes, safe installation, and safe opening.

Install a Smart Doorbell

Smart doorbells give homeowners a visual of everybody who comes to their door, which could alert them to possible danger while minimizing personal safety. If a potential intruder arrives at someone’s house, having information about their appearance could prove helpful when talking to law enforcement.


Use Deadbolts on Outside Doors

There are several different types of locks that homeowners can use, but deadbolts are especially popular for their level of security and ease of use. There are two types of deadbolts (single or double) and they are primarily used on exterior doors. Deadbolts are hard to pick, so they are very effective.

Don’t Post Pictures of Keys on Social Media

Homeowners posting pictures of their house or car keys on social media can result in anyone who has the pictures making a copy of their key. If they know where you live, they could come into your home.  If a person is using physical keys in their homes, they need to keep the keys secure and ensuring that only people who are authorized to enter their home have access to the keys.

Call Elite Lock Solutions

Are you ready to bring your home into the 21st Century? Elite Lock Solutions offers full locksmith services for your home, business and auto. We also sell and service safes and offer emergency service, 7 days a week. Servicing the areas of Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Frederick County, Howard County, Carroll County, Anne Arundel County, Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia. Call us at (833) 354-8395)and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

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