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Your Residential Locksmith in Prince George’s County, MD

Replacing Locks

Call us for residential locksmith services in Prince George’s County!

A locksmith is an ancient trade, yet one that can be the key to your problem today! Whether you are locked out of your car or want the latest wireless home security system, a locksmith can help you achieve your goals. Elite Lock Solutions is a commercial and residential locksmith in Prince George’s County, and we are happy to help you with any of the following services.

What Can a Residential Locksmith Do for You?

A residential locksmith deals with locks, keys, doors, and personal property involving access control devices. A locksmith has many tricks to make your keys and locks work for you. If you run into trouble, a locksmith can fix the problem without breaking down the door. It is a more precise solution than any other professional can offer. 

Locks, Keys, and Smart Home Devices

Elite Lock Solutions can service all your personal locks and keys. It could be the access to your front door, your antique furniture, or your interior doors. We rekey locks as well, which is the changing of locks so that they are the same but need different keys to unlock than the original.

What about smart home devices? Elite Lock Solutions keeps up with the latest smart access control devices, including Apple HomePod, Amazon Key, and Simplisafe. These devices can be as simple or as complex as you like, but all provide much more ample security than deadbolts alone. They give you top-quality video monitoring inside and outside of your home, deterring crime significantly.

Doors & Hardware

Elite specializes in more than just locks, keys, and other access control systems. We also are experts in all parts of the doors themselves. Whether you need a total door replacement or just a part repaired, Elite can expertly install or repair it for you. We can also make your residential doors ADA-compliant. 

Automobiles and Safes

Elite Lock Solutions can help you with a variety of automobile problems, such as:

  • If you locked yourself out of your car
  • If you need to extract a broken key from a lock
  • If you need to rekey your vehicle
  • If you need to duplicate a key or replace a lost key
  • If you need to replace your vehicle’s locks
  • And more

As an automobile locksmith, we can service personal vehicles of all kinds, including motorcycles. 

Do you have a safe, a security deposit box, or a filing cabinet that needs installing, moving, or opening? You can trust Elite’s vetted and skilled locksmiths in Prince George’s County!


Elite Lock Solutions is your trusted partner in secure access to your home, business, and vehicle. From full lock installation to high-level security needs to emergency turn-key service, you can rely on our technicians to deliver premium products and services. High quality, skilled work, and prompt customer service are what you can expect when you engage us. Local to the Baltimore area, we have served Maryland for decades, including Montgomery County, Bethesda, Potomac, and Silver Spring, and are rapidly expanding to accommodate the Mid-Atlantic region. Stay up-to-date on the latest company news by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can learn more about our business by visiting our website, calling us at (833) ELITE95, or by emailing us at