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Contact Elite for an elite locksmith in Montgomery County, MD!

Elite Locksmith in Montgomery County, Maryland

Picking a locksmith is almost as tricky as picking a lock; not only do you want a company that does a great job, but you also need a group that you can trust with sensitive information. This information could be access to your safety deposit box, home safe, or business entrances. Thankfully, with the right information and know-how, you can easily find an elite locksmith in Montgomery County, Maryland.

How to Pick an Elite Locksmith

You are on the right track! An online search is an excellent way to find a trustworthy locksmith in Montgomery County. You’ll have all your local options at your fingertips. Once you do, you can review each company’s website to see if they specialize in your lock and key needs. For example, Elite Lock Solutions is knowledgeable in installing Smart Home access control devices, as well as anything to do with commercial doors and hardware. You can see the Services page for all of Elite’s locksmithing specialties. 

Next, look at reviews. It can help you gauge what to expect. However, one should be careful in this regard also, as some reviews could be unjustified or even fake.

Finally, reach out to your prospective locksmiths and ask for an estimate. You don’t have to stop there; ask them as many questions as you want until you are comfortable working with them and understand who they are and what they do. You can ask about their licenses, group affiliations, background checks, etc. Of course, you will also want to ask for a breakdown of the costs.

Ultimately, your impression of the locksmith should be transparent, easy to understand, reliable, and pleasant. He should be willing to discuss licenses, costs, employee screening, etc.

How to Prepare for a Locksmith

The more details you can know about your lock and key situation, the better. It will help the locksmith know how to prepare better. These details would include what parts need servicing (deadbolts, ignition locks, hinges, etc.), what kind of service (installation, upgrade, repair, changeout), and how many parts there are. Pictures could help give clarity.

Elite Lock Solutions: Your Locksmith in Montgomery County

Elite Lock Solutions, formerly Elite Lock & Key, can be your elite locksmith in Montgomery County. If you need service for your home, business, or vehicle’s locks or keys, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!


Elite Lock Solutions is your trusted partner in secure access to your home, business, and vehicle. From full lock installation to high-level security needs to emergency turn-key service, you can rely on our technicians to deliver premium products and services. High quality, skilled work, and prompt customer service are what you can expect when you engage us. Local to the Baltimore area, we have served Maryland for decades, including Montgomery County, Bethesda, Potomac, and Silver Spring, and are rapidly expanding to accommodate the Mid-Atlantic region. Stay up-to-date on the latest company news by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can learn more about our business by visiting our website, calling us at (833) ELITE95, or by emailing us at