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Bring Your Home into the 21st Century with Smart Locks

Smart locks eliminate the needs to have keys in your hand, allowing you to control your locks from your smart device!

Do you often leave the house and wonder if you remembered to lock the door? Or maybe you sometimes forget your keys and get locked out? Luckily for you, new smart lock technology solves both of these common problems. Smart lock technology allows homeowners to have full control over the security of their homes from the convenience of their smartphones. Today we’ll go over some of the fundamentals of smart locks, including how they work, their shortfalls, and their numerous benefits. 

What Is a Smart Lock?

What exactly is a smart lock? Like a standard key lock, smart locks use the same functions – but they are operated by means of IoT (Internet of Things) technology rather than a physical key. This technology has a lot of different benefits and advantages and can be very useful in homes or in guesthouses. Like any technology, however, there are limits and issues to keep in mind. Deadbolts should always be used in combination with a smart lock for maximum security. Give Elite Lock Solutions (or us) a call and we will help to select the best model for your particular needs. While it’s highly unlikely that a thief will hack your smart lock physically, you should take measures to ensure that the smart lock is running on a fully secured network.

What Are the Benefits?

With careful selection, you’ll find that smart locks can be a great choice for your home, giving it an added layer of protection and delivering a variety of benefits. The primary benefit is that you never have to worry about losing your keys again – simply use the smartphone app packaged with the smart lock to lock and unlock your door. Additionally, with direct control of the smart lock system on your smartphone, you’ll be able to see at a glance that your doors are locked and your home is secured. Finally, it gives you an audiovisual verification of who is at your door (through use of a small camera and microphone) and allows you to monitor your home if the door is opened unexpectedly. The benefits of a well-designed and professionally installed smart lock are numerous and can help you ensure that your home and family have the security they deserve.

Call Elite Lock Solutions

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