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3 Ways To Avoid Getting Locked Out Of Your Home


Get a duplicate key made to avoid being locked out!

Getting locked out of your home can be a huge inconvenience. You’ll have to take time out of your busy schedule to address the issue, which can be a huge hassle and cost you money. While you do have a few options if you end up getting locked out of your home, it’s best to prevent it from happening in the first place. In this situation, prevention really is the best cure. Here are a few ways you can avoid being locked out of your home.

Make A Duplicate Key

While this may seem like an obvious step to take, many people don’t duplicate their keys! This means that the one they have is their only way of getting into their home. Having multiple keys means that you can store your spare key in a safe place and use it in case of an emergency. Having too many copies of your key out in the world can lead to problems, but getting one or two extra ones made is a good idea.

Give Someone You Trust A Key

Sometimes you may forget to take your keys with you as you’re leaving your home. Giving someone you know a copy of your key will provide a free solution to this problem. Ideally, this person will be someone who lives relatively close to so you won’t have to spend much time outside of your home. Make sure this person is trustworthy as you will be giving them access to your home.

Install Smart Locks

Having your home secured by smart locks will provide you with the flexibility of not needing a key to enter. Your smartphone will serve as your key and you can even give access to those you trust as well. With these technologically advanced locks, you won’t have to worry as much about locking yourself out of your house. You will have to keep track of your smartphone though!


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